I am submitting for a poster and/or talk, do I still need to register?

Yes. All attendees should register in addition to submitting to participate as a poster presenter or speaker.

Can I present a poster and a do a talk?

Yes, as long as these reflect different projects.

When is the deadline for consideration for poster presentations and talks?

Abstracts must be received by March 12, 2024 by 5pm to be considered for the event.

I am a participant (poster presenter or speaker) but not available to attend the entire day. What time should I arrive?

Participants should arrive a MINIMUM of 45 minutes prior to their scheduled session.

Are there prizes for the posters and talks?

For trainees affiliated with Kennedy Krieger or who are working with Kennedy Krieger-affiliated faculty, Trainee posters and talks related to maternal and child health will be considered for awards.

Will this event be available to watch online?

This is a live event occurring in the 8th floor conference room of building 1741 Ashland Avenue. It will not be streamed online. 

Will there be opportunities for questions and answers throughout the day?

Yes. Each session incorporates opportunities for Q&A. See schedule for more detail.


What are the poster printing guidelines?

We will be using poster easels in the 8th floor conference room at 1741 Ashland Avenue. Our presentation boards are 36x 48 inches. Please incorporate accessibility considerations when creating your poster. Templates are available on the Beacon/intranet under Marketing and Public Relations/PowerPoint Poster Template. Specific details will be provided once your abstract is accepted.

If I am a trainee, can the costs of poster printing be covered?

Yes, if you are a trainee working at Kennedy Krieger Institute your poster can be printed and the costs will be covered by Training Administration. We ask that you consider accessibility guidelines and utilize Kennedy Krieger templates. Templates are available on the Beacon/intranet under Marketing and Public Relations/PowerPoint Poster Template. Faculty and staff are responsible for their posters.

What time are the poster sessions?

Poster sessions are from 11-12pm and 1-2pm.

How will the awardees be determined?

Presenters will be judged using a rubric. To view the rubric, please click here

Where can I find posters after the event?

Posters will be shared on the Training Administration page after the event.


How long are the Trainee Rapid Fire Talks?

Trainees are allotted 5 minutes each.

Is there a limit to the number of slides trainees can use during their Rapid Fire Talks?

Slides should be limited to a maximum of 3. Trainees must follow Marketing & Public Relations Templates and Guidelines available on the Beacon.  

How long are the Faculty and Staff Talks?

Faculty and Staff are allotted 10 minutes each.

Where can I find templates and guidelines to create my accompanying slides?

Will the talks be available after the event?

Presenters are provided with the option of having their talks shared publicly. As a result, only certain talks will be available for viewing after the event.