Joseph F.

Joseph F. McGuire
Clinical Psychologist
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Dr. Joseph F. McGuire is a licensed clinical psychologist and researcher, with over 12 years of experience treating and conducting research on obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), anxiety disorders, hair-pulling disorder and Tourette Disorder. He is an associate professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.


Postdoctoral Fellowship: Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, University of California Los Angeles, NIH T32 / Child Mental Health (2017).


As a researcher, Dr. McGuire has focused on the application of translational approaches to understand and improve therapeutic outcomes for children and adolescents with neuropsychiatric disorders--focusing on OCD, anxiety disorders, hair pulling disorder and Tourette Disorder. To achieve these goals, his research synergizes neurobiological research findings and clinical experience to develop targeted, treatment-oriented research questions. These questions are examined by integrating information across psychophysiological outcomes, subjective self-reports, validated rating scales and behavioral observations. Through a better understanding of the nuanced processes implicated in childhood neuropsychiatric disorders across multiple determinants, impaired mechanisms can be identified and existing treatments tailored to provide more precise, personalized, and effective interventions. This is crucial to diminish morbidity associated with these conditions across the lifespan, and inform eventual prevention efforts.