Ashley M.

Ashley M. Ortiz
Child Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellow
Phone: 443-923-7984
Kennedy Krieger Institute

1750 E. Fairmount Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21231
United States

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Dr. Ashley Ortiz is a child clinical psychology postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Neuropsychology at Kennedy Krieger Institute. She sees children and adolescents for psychological assessment in the Targeted Assessment Clinic and in the Executive Functioning Clinic, with continuation of care in the Follow-up Clinic, within the Neuropsychology Department’s outpatient program. Dr. Ortiz is committed to providing high-quality psychological services to underserved populations while fostering relationships that bolster patients' personal growth and their psychological well-being. Dr. Ortiz also integrates multicultural awareness and diversity factors into her clinical work and research endeavors.


Dr. Ortiz graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Florida, before completing of Master of Arts in General Psychology from New York University. She later received a PhD in Counseling Psychology from Howard University. In addition, Dr. Ortiz completed an APA Accredited pre-doctoral internship in Health Service Psychology at Washington, D.C. VA Medical Center


Dr. Ortiz’s research interests center on the influence of acculturation and discrimination experiences on the mental health outcomes (e.g., depression, anxiety, PTSD) of minoritized children and adolescents. In addition, Dr. Ortiz is interested in the psychosocial outcomes for youth that are at-risk for juvenile justice system involvement. She completed her doctoral dissertation titled “The Lived Experiences of Latina Girls Placed at-Risk for the Juvenile Justice System: Acculturation, Gender Expectations, and Psychological Well-being.”