Health, safety and privacy are paramount for Kennedy Krieger Institute.

We are continuously monitoring and responding to the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation.

We are following CDC guidelines and recommendations from national, state and local health departments, Johns Hopkins Medicine and the Maryland Hospital Association guidelines along with our state’s restrictions, to minimize risk for our patients, students, staff members and the public.

COVID-19 Vaccines  

COVID-19 InfographicCOVID-19 vaccines are not approved yet for children under the age of 16 and not available for our patients at this time.

Research is ongoing and we will update this page as more information becomes available on vaccines for our patients. At this time, initial quantities of authorized COVID-19 vaccines are being offered to our essential health care personnel and staff supporting this group following guidance from the CDC. Please note: Kennedy Krieger Institute is not a public COVID-19 vaccination site at this time. The Institute is actively monitoring and assessing all information on these vaccines and will provide information and updates to our patients, our students, their families and the public as quickly as we can. 

Vaccine Information Flyer - PDF

COVID-19 Vaccination

Maryland Department of Health
COVID-19 Vaccination
Support Call Center

We do not have the COVID-19 vaccine to offer our patients, our students or their family members.

We do not know if or when we will receive it or provide it.

We are not taking reservations for the vaccine at this time.

We encourage all of our patients who are eligible for vaccination to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The vaccine is being made available in a series of phases, and it is important that everybody be patient and wait until their turn. If you reside in Maryland, please refer to the Maryland health department website for more details,

We will update this page as the situation changes. Please check here for updates before calling. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Note that we will follow state guidelines for distribution, and we kindly ask that you respect these guidelines.

Follow this link for information on Maryland's vaccine priority groups:

Follow this link to find a vaccination clinic near you:

➔ Maryland Department of Health Vaccination Site Affidavit (pdf)

All Maryland counties are now offering vaccine registration to each priority group as permitted. 
Click through the link of your residence: 

If your county is not listed, just search the internet for your county name plus "covid vaccine."

Resources from Johns Hopkins Medicine

COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization Dashboard

This dashboard was created as a partnership between the Johns Hopkins Disability Health Research Center and the Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities as a starting point for understanding how the disability community is prioritized in COVID-19 vaccine distribution and intends to help people with disabilities determine when they qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine in their state.

If you would like to receive your vaccine at any of the Johns Hopkins sites, click here for details:


If you need to register for Johns Hopkins MyChart, click here: We are not able to answer questions about vaccine scheduling and cannot provide Johns Hopkins MyChart support.

Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities (MCDD)

​​​​​​The Center for Dignity in Healthcare for People with Disabilities
General Resources and Information

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about the vaccine itself, please refer to one or more of these links before you call the Institute. This is the same information that we will have to offer:

Answers to common questions, from the Maryland department of health FAQs:

CDC information on the vaccine:

Detailed answers to key questions (JAMA):

Maryland department of health vaccine statistics:

American Academy of Pediatrics website:
American Academy of Pediatrics