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Sports Programs

Programs for children and young adults ages 5-18 are offered by the Bennett Institute Physically Challenged Sports Program and the Bennett Blazers.

For detailed information about individual activities, please click on the links below:

Activity Participant Age
Ambulatory Sports 5-18 years
Baseball 9-18 years
Boccia 5-18 years
Handcycling Junior: 6-18 years
Adult: 14 and older
Ice Skating 5-18 years
Junior Baseball 9 and younger
Motor Development 2-7 years
Power Soccer 5 years and older
Running (5K, relay, half and full marathons including Baltimore marathon) 5K: No age restriction
Relay: 14 and older
Half Marathoon: 14 and older
Marathon: 16 and older
Sailing 18 and older
Sitting Volleyball Recreational
Sled Hockey Junior: 5-18 years
Adult: 18 years and older
Swimming Junior: 5-18 years
Adult: 18 years and older
Table Tennis/Polybat 5 years and older
Tennis 5 years and older
Track & Field 5 years and older
Wheelchair Basketball Junior: 5-18 years
Adult: 18 years and older
Wheelchair Floor Hockey 5-18 years
Wheelchair Football 5 years and older
Wheelchair Lacrosse Junior: 5-18 years
Adult: 18 years and older
Wheelchair Rugby 18 years and older
Wheelchair Softball 5-18 years

Criteria for Participation

The Kennedy Krieger Adaptive and Rehabilitative Sports Program is open to individuals who experience physical challenges and exhibit cognitive skills at or near appropriate developmental levels. Depending on the activity and the age of the individual, participants are interviewed to determine appropriateness for participation. Participants must demonstrate the ability to follow one-step verbal directions and to respond to the verbal, social, and behavioral cues necessary for safe, independent participation in group activities.

Admission to the program is also determined based on the availability of space in a particular program.

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