The Center for the Neuroscience of Social Injustice will:

The new center will build on the expertise afforded by the Institute’s Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress (CCFTS). This existing center offers clinical treatment for children experiencing trauma, depression, anxiety, behavioral disorders and other conditions that—for these children—are partly or wholly the result of social injustice. The CCFTS also performs clinical research and collects data on the effects of social injustice on children.

The new center will study the research and data from the CCFTS, along with data collected from the community, to better understand the mechanisms by which social injustice adversely influences the developing brain. By doing this, the new center will pave the way for the development and implementation of more targeted and individualized treatment approaches. The new center will also offer professional training and job opportunities for scholars from underrepresented groups and members of the community.

We ask for your support, so that together, we can improve the lives of Maryland’s children. Our children cannot wait. Children’s lives and future livelihoods—and the success of our state—depend on it.

For more information about our Center for the Neuroscience of Social Injustice and our funding request, please email Emily Arneson, director of government affairs, by clicking on the “Email Us” button below.

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