The Time Is Now for the Center for Neuroscience and Social Injustice.

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Recent events across Maryland and our nation underscore the importance of the work that this center will undertake, and the need to begin this work immediately. There is no other organization in the nation more experienced in treating children facing such life-threatening conditions. We are proud to be based here in Maryland, and ready to make Maryland the leader in solving this nationwide challenge.

Kennedy Krieger has developed plans for a new center to understand the neuroscience of social injustice—the ways that social injustice affects the developing brain and nervous system, and ultimately, a child’s overall health. The center will also develop solutions to address the effects that social injustice has on children.

Kennedy Krieger respectfully asks you to support the state of Maryland’s approval of capital and operating funds to outfit—i.e., create renovated space within existing buildings and hire additional staff members—and operate its new Center for the Neuroscience of Social Injustice.

It is imperative that the center’s work begin as soon as possible. Maryland’s children are suffering from the effects of social injustice right now. Daily, we work with children from across the state—from rural to urban communities—who are falling behind in school, going to bed hungry, facing violence and drug abuse, and coming to terms with what their ethnicity or the color of their skin means to others who don’t look like them, and they are suffering.

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Maryland’s Children Need Your Help and Support Now.

This is the year for Maryland to lead the way for the health of our children and families.

We welcome your questions and hope you will support the establishment and operation of this important center to help Maryland’s children.

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