Request Number 1:

$10 million to build and outfit an innovative inpatient neurorehabilitative care center. This state-of-the-art facility will replace our nearly 60-year-old hospital on our Broadway Campus in East Baltimore, and will increase our capacity to care for children with complex rehabilitative needs.

Please Help Us Build This Special Place!

Our current inpatient hospital in East Baltimore was built in 1964. Its old infrastructure can’t support the latest rehabilitation and therapy technologies. We will build a new
innovative rehabilitative care facility and repurpose the old hospital for needed research space. Our new facility will invigorate our East Baltimore community and add jobs.

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A child interacting with a projected image in a hospital.

Request Number 2:

$2.5 million in continued funding for the expansion of Kennedy Krieger’s LEAP special education school and programs.

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High School patient at the Kennedy Krieger LEAP program.

For more information about our Innovative Care Center, LEAP Program and funding requests, please email Emily Arneson, director of government relations, by clicking on the “Email Us” button below.

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Maryland’s youth are our state’s future, and Kennedy Krieger can and will lead the way to better health and education for our children and families. We welcome your questions and hope you will agree to continue to support our expansion of our LEAP school and programs, as well as help us begin the crucial development of a pediatric innovative inpatient care center at our Broadway Campus in East Baltimore, to serve more students and patients from around the state.

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We welcome your questions and need your support to help Maryland's children.