Request No. 1: $10 million to build and outfit an innovative inpatient neurorehabilitative care center. This state-of-the-art facility will replace our nearly 60-year-old hospital on our Broadway Campus in East Baltimore, and will increase our capacity to care for children with complex rehabilitative needs.

The Need: An Innovative Care Center

Budget Request. $110 million for our new Innovative Care Center over 5 years. Below the text is a pie chart. On the green, left side of the pie chart, the text reads $55M from the state over 5 years ($2m received in FY 2024--thank you!) On the right, purple side: $55M from the government, philanthropy and financing.
  • Build a facility that matches the special, complex needs of the patients we serve, and of those who are waiting to receive services
  • Create a more holistic and healing, rehabilitative environment
  • Construct a dynamic, flexible space that will address the nuances of the ever-changing pediatric specialty healthcare landscape
  • Tailor patient- and family-centered spaces to long-stay needs (average stay is 28 days)
  • Increase our capacity, improving access for inpatient pediatric and young adult neurorehabilitative and neurobehavioral care

The Impact:

  • Kennedy Krieger provides neurorehabilitative care for medically and behaviorally complex children. We need an up-to-date facility to deliver the latest rehabilitative therapies to ensure children, teens and young adults can live their best lives.
  • Our new Innovative Care Center will enable parents to work virtually while supporting and participating in their child’s care and maintaining important aspects of their lives.

The Vision:

  • Built on property the Institute already owns
  • Effectively designed, with the latest in rehabilitation technology
  • Private rooms and indoor and outdoor therapy spaces
  • We’ll be able to serve more children, teens and young adults from Maryland and beyond, including those with catastrophic illnesses and injuries, and we’ll bring more jobs and revenue to Baltimore and Maryland.
  • Specially designed rooms will control the sensory environment (sights, sounds, lighting, etc.) to help patients recover from disorders of consciousness.
  • We are partnering with Ronald McDonald House Charities Maryland to include a family respite center and highly innovative family apartments to help parents and other caregivers transition their child from hospital to home.

Kennedy Krieger Innovative Care Center of the Future

Maryland’s youth are our state’s future, and Kennedy Krieger can and will lead the way to better health and education for our children and families. We welcome your questions and hope you will agree to continue to support our expansion of our LEAP school and programs, as well as help us begin the crucial development of a pediatric innovative inpatient care center at our Broadway Campus in East Baltimore, to serve more students and patients from around the state.

Contact Emily Arneson, director of government relations for more information

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