Request No. 1: $10 million in initial funding to support our plan to expand inpatient care capacity and improve the patient and family experience by replacing our 60-plus-year-old hospital with a state-of-the-art Innovative Care Center on our East Baltimore Campus.

The Need: An Innovative Care Center

  • Build a facility that matches the special complex needs of the patients we serve, and of those who are waiting to receive services
  • Create a more holistic and healing rehabilitative environment
  • A dynamic, flexible space that will address the nuances of the ever-changing pediatric specialty healthcare landscape
  • Patient- and family-centered spaces tailored to long-stay needs (average stay is 28 days)
  • Expand care to include inpatient pediatric and youth mental health services and services across the continuum
Budget REuet

The Impact:

  • The merger of functional design and technological advances in this space is critical to our patients’ recovery and staff effectiveness
  • Parents will be able to work while supporting and participating in their child’s care and maintaining important aspects of their lives

The Vision:

  • Build up to 200,000 square feet of new space
  • Infuse this Innovative Care Center with state-of-the-art design and innovative technology to optimize outcomes
  • Private rooms with windows
  • Therapeutic outdoor space
  • Expand to serve new patient populations (both in-state and out-of state, bringing in revenue from outside Maryland)
  • Expand to serve more children and teens with complex combined medical and psychiatric conditions, and patients with complex immediate healthcare needs
  • Create clinical adaptive recovery environment (CARE) rooms that provide individualized environmental and sensory stimuli to improve daytime arousal and nighttime sleep and reduce the need for medications
  • Partner with the Ronald McDonald House to create a family home within the center, including spaces where our families can come together with other families and family members
  • Create a simulation lab/family training center within the patient care area to teach loved ones how to care for their child or teen at home

Kennedy Krieger Innovative Care Center of the Future

Maryland’s youth are our state’s future, and Kennedy Krieger can and will lead the way to better health and education for our children and families. We welcome your questions and hope you will agree to continue to support our expansion of our LEAP school and programs, as well as help us begin the crucial development of a pediatric Innovative Care Center on our East Baltimore Campus, to serve more students and patients from around the state.

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