Unique Opportunities for WIN Members:

Please note: In person opportunities are on hold during COVID 19. Read below to learn about virtual opportunities, as well as projects that can be done from your home. 

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Virtual Volunteer opportunities were held on November 15, February 11 and March 12. At the first session, WIN members played games via Zoom with Kennedy Krieger's inpatients and the Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation Department staff. In February and March, WIN members (including members of their family) again joined up with inpatients and staff via Zoom to socialize while painting small canvases. The finished artwork will be used to decorate the inpatient unit. 

Future volunteer opportunities are being planned. Due to the virtual nature of the event, we are limited to hosting no more than five WIN members per session.

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small canvas paintings

Summer Activities or Volunteer Hours Needed?

Is your school-age child looking for a meaningful volunteer opportunity for the summer or interested for gaining service hours? Here's an easy project that is certain to help Kennedy Krieger's patients: Consider purchasing, packaging and delivering any of the items listed below. These materials will be used by Kennedy Krieger's patients during their hospital stay as a way to keep busy and stay active, especially during this time when they must stay in their rooms more than usual and limit contact with others.

Please keep track of the hours allocated to collecting, packaging and delivering the items, and we'll issue a letter confirming your child's volunteer efforts. Email Jaime at Kurman@KennedyKrieger.org to arrange a drop-off time.

Here are some items that may be donated:

  • Activity and coloring books and crayons
  • Bead craft kits
  • Wooden bird houses (or other shapes), paint and brushes
  • Wooden shapes (e.g. hearts) and markers
  • Wooden masks and markers
  • Construction paper, markers and foam stickers
  • Adult coloring books and gel pens or colored pencils
  • Canvases that come with paints and brushes

*All items should be packaged in Ziploc bags. You're welcome to include notes saying for example, "Enjoy the crafts!" of "Have fun!"


WIN Wednesdays—on hold

WIN Wednesdays are an opportunity for WIN members to volunteer in the children's therapy room at 707 North Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21205. Volunteer opportunities occur on Wednesdays from 10:15 a.m. to 12 p.m. There are usually two WIN Wednesdays per month.

We hope to be able to resume this beloved opportunity for members soon!

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WIN members volunteer at Kennedy Krieger during WIN Wednesday

Inpatient Family Dinners—on hold

WIN members and their family members are invited to volunteer at dinners held several times a year at Kennedy Krieger Institute for families with children staying at the Institute's inpatient hospital.

Our last Inpatient Family Dinner was held on March 3, 2020. WIN members and their families came together to provide food, games and crafts for Kennedy Krieger's inpatients and their families. In addition, WIN members filled bags with toiletries and other useful items to present to caregivers at the start of their stay at the Institute.

We hope to schedule more dinners soon.

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Welcome Bags

WIN members come together to prepare welcome bags for the families of children beginning their stay at the Institute's inpatient hospital.

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A photo of welcome bags put together by WIN members