Training experiences in speech language pathology are available for graduate students (Pre-Masters). Approximately 80% of Clinical Fellows’ and graduate students’ time is spent in delivering clinical services including speech-language evaluations and treatment. The remaining 20% of time involves participating in educational and interdisciplinary experiences.

Opportunities for graduate students and Clinical Fellows may be available in the following programs and sites:


Outpatient Programs:

Community Programs:

Kennedy Krieger School Programs:

Supervision and Evaluation:

Advanced graduate students and Clinical Fellows receive on-going supervision as part of their training and experience at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Graduate students share a clinical caseload with a primary speech-language pathologist, who oversees their practicum experiences. Graduate students’ experiences include providing speech and language evaluations and treatment. They may assume part or all of the supervisor’s caseload, in areas of direct clinical care and indirect clinical responsibilities. The supervising speech-language pathologist oversees all aspects of graduate students’ training experience. After an initial period of observation, graduate students assume direct clinical responsibilities with guidance and counseling from supervisors, needed. Typically, direct supervision decreases to a mutually agreed upon level, as graduate students gain experience and skills. Verbal and written supervisory feedback is provided throughout the practicum. As the conclusion of the practicum experience, graduate students and their supervisors have formal discussions about the student’s performance, including strengths, needs, and the grade that the student will receive. The supervisor completes all necessary university paperwork as part of the practicum experience.