The Department of Neuropsychology at Kennedy Krieger Institute offers postdoctoral training opportunities in child clinical psychology. The goal of the child clinical psychology fellowship is to train clinical psychologists in performing evidence-based interventions for, and assessments of, youth with psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders. The primary focus of this fellowship is on developing expertise in the implementation of dialectical behavior therapy.

In accordance with the scientist-practitioner model of training and practice, postdoctoral fellows will receive training in evidence-based intervention and assessment via didactic instruction, specific skill modeling, supervised and independent practice, and direct evaluation of research. Postdoctoral fellows will be positioned to become leaders in the fields of psychiatric disabilities and pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders, having developed a broad array of relevant clinical, research and training skills. Fellows spend approximately 70 percent of their time delivering clinical services, and 30 percent on didactic learning and research experiences.

Our postdoctoral fellowship program offers clinical training experiences with a wide range of patient populations, from birth through young adulthood. Children and adolescents are served in diverse settings throughout the Institute, including the Pediatric Mental Health Program (PMHP), the Department of Neuropsychology’s outpatient specialty clinics, and other interdisciplinary settings, such as Kennedy Krieger School Programs and the Center for Autism and Related Disorders.

The two-year intensive intervention training experience occurs primarily within the PMHP. This training follows directly from our work with children and families affected by psychiatric and developmental disorders in the context of an urban medical center serving a diverse, generally underserved population. The PHMP provides interdisciplinary clinical services through psychology, psychiatry and social work disciplines to address complex mental health and developmental conditions in children and youth. The focus of this fellowship is specialization in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, along with opportunities for other clinical interventions and modalities. Fellows will also have minor rotations in two of the Department of Neuropsychology’s specialty outpatient assessment clinics. The specific major rotations are described on the following pages.

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