Kelly Little headshot

Program Director
Office for Health, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (O-HEID)
Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training

Kennedy Krieger Institute
716 N. Broadway
Baltimore, Maryland 21204


Ms. Little is the program director for the Officer of Health, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (O-HEID) and the Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership at Kennedy Krieger Institute.  Ms. Little comes to Kennedy Krieger with twenty-eight years of experience as a federal and state government research administrator.  Ms. Little has the experience and ensures smooth operations and communications with Kennedy Krieger grants management and partner contracting, data acquisition, predictive financial analytics, strategic planning, coaches, fellows and early faculty. 

She reinforces internal efficiency goals and high customer service standards and encourages an empowering work environment. It is quite a responsible job. As an administrative facilitator, she needs to be meticulous in analyzing and distributing funds in the right amount to the appropriate parties according to the intentions for which they are granted.  She is expected to ensure that the grants/contracts/awards comply with legal guidelines and regulations.