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*Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute

IDDRC Resources and Eligibility

By Erin F. Jones, BA, manager of research operations for Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Neuropsychology Department

The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) at Kennedy Krieger Institute supports any investigator conducting research on intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) at the Institute, regardless of independent funding status. A range of specialized services, including one-time consultation and navigation services, are available through the IDDRC’s Cores:

  • Clinical Translational Core
  • Genomics Core
  • Neuroimaging Core
  • Behavioral Phenotyping Core

In collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR), the IDDRC can also provide funding for pilot studies involving human subjects research. This funding is reserved for pilot experiments that align with the Neuroimaging, Clinical Translational and Behavioral Phenotyping Cores.

Who is eligible for IDDRC services?

In recent years, the IDDRC at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins have revised their eligibility criteria for the allocation and use of Center support and resources. Historically, the IDDRC at Kennedy Krieger was positioned as a core resource, limited to the subset of Kennedy Krieger investigators whose work was funded. In the latest grant cycle and moving forward, the IDDRC’s scope has been reframed and now supports any investigator conducting intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) research at the Institute, regardless of funding status.

What constitutes IDDRC support?

Anyone conducting IDD research at Kennedy Krieger, regardless of their official connection with IDDRC core resources, is likely capitalizing on IDDRC supports. The Institute broadly supports the infrastructure that makes it possible to conduct IDD-related research at Kennedy Krieger Institute. Therefore, the IDDRC indirectly supports nearly all IDD-related work at the Institute.

Additionally, direct core services that are available through the IDDRC include:

  • Pilot funding opportunities
  • General services requests
  • One-time consultation and navigation services

To learn more about the wide array of services provided through the IDDRC, or to access the IDDRC Application Portal, please visit IDDRC.KennedyKrieger.org. As always, please kindly remember to acknowledge the IDDRC (P50 HD103538) in publications and presentations resulting from IDDRC support.