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Greetings, readers! Autumn brings not only cooler temperatures and falling leaves, but the return to school, the Room to Grow: Journey to Cultural and Linguistic Competency Virtual Conference, and of course, exercising our right to vote.

Please remember to vote in the upcoming general election on Tuesday, November 8. To register to vote, and to learn more about your voting rights, The Arc has shared this information.

Early voting is available to Marylanders from Thursday, October 27, through Thursday, November 3 (including Saturday and Sunday), from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can find your local early voting location here. For those voting on Election Day, November 8, use this link to find your local polling place.

Voters outside of Maryland can learn about early voting in other states here. For information about voting outside of Maryland on Election Day, click here.

A Maryland law will allow adults to use supported decision-making to receive support in understanding, considering and making decisions for themselves. This guide from the Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council provides helpful details about supported decision-making.

I am thrilled to welcome several new employees and trainees who recently joined our team. You can learn more about them in this issue.

Be sure to read the COVID-19 Resources for information on Kennedy Krieger Institute’s COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic. You can also find several resources on back-to-school guidelines for teachers and families to follow. I hope they will be helpful.

Take care and stay safe.

In gratitude,

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Maureen van Stone, Esq., MS
Director, Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities
Founding Director, Project HEAL