By Erin F. Jones, BA, manager of research operations for Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Neuropsychology Department

The Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Research Center (IDDRC) at Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Johns Hopkins University is excited to share a new research opportunity: the Kennedy Krieger Institute External Research Recruitment Registry. This registry allows parents and guardians of children (ages birth through 17 years) who are not patients at Kennedy Krieger to learn about research opportunities at Kennedy Krieger and The Johns Hopkins University. Students of Kennedy Krieger School Programs who are not patients at Kennedy Krieger are eligible.

To join the registry, parents or guardians must sign a consent form and complete a brief demographic questionnaire, which takes approximately five minutes. This information will be used to determine study eligibility. If a child is eligible, the child’s parents or guardians will receive a flyer via email with study information. That flyer will have the contact information for the study so parents and guardians may reach out to the investigator to ask further questions and/or enroll their child in the study.

Kennedy Krieger will not share parents’, guardians’ or caregivers’ personal information with the investigator—that information will only be available to the faculty member who oversees the registry. Researchers who want to use the registry for recruitment must submit a request and provide their study’s Institutional Review Board-approved protocol as well as recruitment material for the study.

Parents and guardians interested in having their child join the registry may visit the “Participate in Research” section of Kennedy Krieger’s website to complete the consent form and questionnaire.

Investigators interested in using the registry may contact the registry’s principal investigator, Dr. Luther Kalb (