5 Reports Examine Implementation of IDEA

tags: Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities

The National Council on Disability recently released a new series of five reports—the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act Report Series—containing recommendations on how to make it possible for more children with disabilities, with a focus on significant issues of concern (including being in an underfunded school, learning English as a second language, and being in a low-income living situation) to make educational progress.

“The IDEA series illuminates how federal, state and local decision-makers can provide more resources to schools and teachers, help ensure children receive educational benefit, and work together so that more children achieve and make educational gains alongside their non-disabled peers,” says Denise Marshall, executive director of the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, COPAA. MCDD interim director Maureen van Stone served on the COPAA national advisory committee that informed the development of the reports.