Here’s How Your Gifts Helped Kennedy Krieger in 2022

Infographic showing how supporters’ gifts helped Kennedy Krieger in 2022: In fiscal year 2022, Kennedy Krieger served 27,000-plus patients, from 24 Maryland counties and Baltimore City, 50 states and 36 countries. In calendar year 2022, the Institute offered 116,310 telehealth appointments. In the 2020–2021 school year, the Institute served 430 students—from more than 15 school districts in Maryland, Virginia and D.C.—in its four schools: a lower/middle school, a high school, a D.C.-area school and LEAP. Staffing the schools that year were 100 teachers and more than 100 clinical specialists. Student referrals came from 10 countries that school year. Also in fiscal year 2022, there were over 700 active research studies, 400-plus research papers were published, 60-plus community trainings were conducted by the Maryland Center for Developmental Disabilities, and 29 adaptive sports programs were offered for children and adults.