There are opportunities for trainees, faculty, and staff to speak at the 2024 Gary W. Goldstein Research Symposium & Poster Day.

Your colleagues, fellow trainees and the Institute Leadership would love to hear what you’ve been working on. Here’s your chance!

We encourage all trainees, faculty, and staff involved in research to play an active role in the Symposium by participating in one of the following formats: 

Trainee lightning round presentations (with one prize awarded)

The purpose of the lightning round trainee sessions is to hear about your work in a 5-minute talk. We have found that this format is a useful experience - it hones scientific communication and presentation skills to create a concise and compelling talk. 

Faculty and staff member presentations

The purpose of the faculty and staff sessions are to foster the opportunity for leaders in the field of research to share their scientific discoveries with new and experienced colleagues in a 10-minute talk.

To be eligible to speak at the Symposium, submit the speaker interest form by 5PM on March 15.

Contact with any questions.