Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disorder, which affects approximately 1% of children. A prominent associated symptom of ASD is abnormal sensory behaviors. These behaviors limit the child’s and family’s functioning; however, the underlying causes of these behaviors have not yet been explored. This study investigates the neurobehavioral basis of abnormal sensory behavior in ASD. We will examine the relationship between basic sensory perception, attention, and language, neurotransmitter functioning and abnormal sensory behaviors. We aim to clarify and improve the understanding of these relationships in order to inform treatment and intervention targets and goals.

Additionally, the differences of sensory perception and processing, GABA concentration, behavior, language, and attention will be observed between children with and without ASD.

To determine these findings, we use task administrated tests and activities and structural and functional imaging methods to investigate sensory behavior in children with ADHD. This study is to help the classification process children with ASD and lead to better defined interventions targets. More>