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Neurobehavioral Unit Doctoral Training in Professional Psychology

Rotations for doctoral interns on the Neurobehavioral Unit-Inpatient (NBU-IP) are 6 months in duration, and involve building upon the intern’s knowledge of assessment and treatment procedures for youth who exhibit severe problem behavior using the principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Initially, during the first 3-4 weeks, interns will complete didactic activities intended to familiarize them with the foundational procedures they will be utilizing throughout their rotation. Instructional activities will be graduated in sequence, and ultimately result in the predoctoral intern having face-to-face contact with multiple patients on a daily basis, to receive feedback on their application of skills necessary for operating on the NBU-IP. After demonstrating competency in the skills needed to be successful on the NBU-IP, the intern will begin the assessment and treatment process with a specific patient, and this activity will most likely take up the remainder of their rotation.  

Doctoral intern responsibilities will include but are not limited to: developing and implementing clinical protocols regarding assessment and treatment, creating graphs that allow for interpretation of behavioral data, supervision of a behavioral treatment team, consulting and training caregivers (e.g., parents and school staff), reviewing and critiquing relevant literature, participating in daily supervision, collaborating with an interdisciplinary team to ensure a comprehensive level of care, presenting case reviews, and completing summary reports detailing services delivered for their respective patient. When appropriate, the predoctoral intern will also be encouraged to participate in scholarly activities such as publishing in peer-reviewed journals and presenting at national or international conferences.

Ample supervision is provided to the intern throughout the rotation. On average, each intern will receive at least 30 minutes per day of individual supervision from a licensed psychologist, who also has his or her board certification in behavior analysis (BCBA). Additionally, interns will receive on average 2 hours or more of group supervision each week. Group supervision will be delivered via a variety of activities including daily case presentations, interdisciplinary team meetings, journal clubs, and research seminars.