Welcome to the DRAGON web site. This site provides free access to a number of bioinformatics tools. If you would like to search for genes or proteins with specific characteristics then go to the Search page. If you have microarray data, other types of differential gene expression data, or any list of accession numbers corresponding to genes then try the Annotate tool. For example, you can use the list of significantly regulated genes obtained using SNOMAD. The DRAGON View tools are useful for visualization of your data set once it is annotated. The Learn page provides detailed descriptions of all of the tools and explains how to use them.

We launched DRAGON in the year 2000, and it represented an early use of relational databases to annotate gene and protein data. We still update the databases, but DRAGON is no longer commonly used. Try instead using Biomart at Ensembl! DRAGON was developed primarily by Christopher Bouton.