Inpatient rooms are semiprivate and multibed. Room assignments are based on medical needs, age, and gender, which may necessitate room changes during the patient’s stay. We strive to keep room changes to a minimum. We encourage children and adolescents to decorate their rooms with reminders of home; however, please be mindful that space is limited.


Each bedside has a cable TV. All televisions must be turned off during the daily rest period (noon to 2 p.m.) and after 10 p.m.


Each bedside has a telephone. To make a local outside call, dial 9, then the number, including the area code. All long distance calls must be collect or charged to your telephone credit card. Personal cell phones are permitted, but please be respectful of others.

Lights Out:

Sleep times begin between 8 and 10 PM, depending on the age and needs of the patient.