At Kennedy Krieger, we are committed to incorporating family-centered care in all that we do. No one knows your family member better than you, so we believe that the best way to care for the patient is to include you—the family—as part of the healthcare team. We will acknowledge and address your needs, concerns, opinions, and feelings, and work together with you to improve the health and well-being of your family member. We promise that at all times, your loved one will receive care that reflects the core principles of patient- and family-centered care, which include the following:

Participation – We encourage you to actively participate in your family member’s care and decision-making.

Information Sharing – Effective family-centered care comes from clear communication between patients, team members, and parents. We will consistently communicate with you and strive to give you timely, complete, and accurate information in ways you can understand. We uphold the philosophy that families are not visitors in their loved ones’ lives, and we encourage parents or guardians to stay with their family member at all times. Physicians, residents, nurses, respiratory therapists, and a pharmacist make rounds together at the bedside every morning to ensure that care is transparent, coordinated, and collaborative. We encourage you to be part of this process, as we value your input and want to involve you in the plan of care.

Ambassador Program

We know that our patients and caregivers will have questions and concerns about having a disability or injury, adjusting to hospital life, and what life will be like when they go home. The Kennedy Krieger Ambassador Program provides support to current patients and caregivers by connecting them with former ones who are willing to share their stories and offer advice and encouragement. For more information, please call (443) 923-2630.

Dignity and Respect – We listen to and honor the perspectives and choices of our patients and their families. We incorporate your knowledge, beliefs, values, and experience into the planning and delivery of care.

Collaboration – We will collaborate with families to help us deliver care, educate our staff, and evaluate policies and programs. We will include you and ask for your feedback as we strive to provide the best care. Your voice matters to us!