The Psychiatric Mental Health Program provides opportunities for training and research.


We are proud to provide training to psychiatry fellows, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and social workers completing clinical internships. Listed below are the types of training available:

  • JHH Residents
    • Collaborative Continuity Clinic
      • 1st year residents
      • 2nd year residents
    • Developmental Disabilities Clinic
      • 2nd year residents
  • Social Work Internships
    • MSW LEND trainees
    • BSW Care Coordination trainees


Our team is engaged in research to further our understanding of how currently available and newly developed interventions may improve the lives of the patients we serve. A key focus of our research is conducting clinical trials to rigorously assess medications and other interventions to determine their potential to prevent and treat mental health conditions. Based on eligibility, our patients may be provided with the opportunity to participate in these treatment research studies.

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