Analyses performed on bodily fluids and tissues from humans and  many other non-human species.

The Kennedy Krieger Institute has a long history of providing lipid analyses for clinical diagnostic purposes in a CLIA accredited setting.  In addition, through our Lipid Lab Division, we provide analyses on research samples on a pre-arranged contract basis.

Tests can be performed on non-human as well as human samples, using bodily fluid, tissue samples and cell cultures.

For research we offer a larger selection of analytes than those on our clinical menu, including phospholipid analysis and TCA Cycle Intermediates analysis for mitochondrial abnormalities.

We are a CAP-approved CLIA-licensed lab and have over 40 years of experience in analyzing various classes of metabolites related to disorders of lipid or sterol metabolism and/or disorders associated with intellectual disability. 

We have also provided services to academic, veterinary and food industry researchers interested in metabolic markers of nutrition or non-metabolic diseases including cancer.

Please download and complete the Contract Research Test Form if you are interested in arranging a contract, or use the information below to contact us directly and discuss your research project needs:

Research Services Client Testimonials

“Dr. Jones and his team at the Genetics Lab at Kennedy Krieger Institute not only provides world class science but also understands the many challenges germane to human subject research.  They provide guidance every step of the way from what type of sample needs to be collected to how results will be presented to your research team.”

Andrew Paul DeFilippis, MD, MSc
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Medical Director, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit Director, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Atherosclerosis / Atherothrombosis Research Center University of Louisville Jewish Hospital Rudd Heart & Lung Center
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University

“At the National Marine Mammal Foundation, we are researching prevention and treatment of metabolic syndrome in both dolphins and children. Dr. Jones and his team of professionals at the Genetics Lab at Kennedy Krieger have provided outstanding service and expertise in fatty acid analyses involving hundreds of samples from dolphins. Their high-quality work and professional, helpful interactions gave us absolute confidence in our data when we discovered and published a dietary trace saturated fatty acid that may help reverse pre-diabetes. Thank you, Dr. Jones and Kennedy Krieger!”

Stephanie Venn-Watson, DVM, MPH
Director, Translational Medicine and Research Program
National Marine Mammal Foundation
San Diego, CA 92106