The Child Psychiatry Neurodevelopmental Consultation Clinic at Kennedy Krieger Institute performs comprehensive psychiatric and diagnostic evaluations of children and adolescents with psychiatric conditions associated with developmental disabilities.

Who We Serve

We serve children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and difficulties with mood, behavior or relationships at home or school, or with family members or peers.

Our Team

You and your child will meet with a board-certified psychiatrist with clinical expertise in developmental disabilities and psychiatric conditions throughout the lifespan. The clinical information gathered during the evaluation, as well as information shared with us by you and your medical treatment team, will allow us to fully understand your concerns and make treatment recommendations accordingly.

Our Approach

We will meet with you and your child to make a thorough clinical evaluation and provide treatment recommendations that address any psychiatric difficulties that may be interfering with your child’s daily life. After the evaluation, we’ll prepare a report for you to share with your child’s medical treatment team.

What to Expect

During the evaluation, you’ll meet with a psychiatrist to discuss your concerns. The evaluation will include questions about your child’s development and medical, psychological and family history, including any past evaluations and treatments. We’ll also review your child’s emotional, behavioral, social and educational functioning during the evaluation and through questionnaires and checklists. We will provide a summary of the evaluation and offer treatment recommendations, which will include referrals to services offered in the community in which you live.

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