Thank you to all those who helped make the 2022 LBSL Conference such a success. 

This in-person and virtual event brought together patients and families from around the globe. They learned from one another and heard from some of the world's top doctors and scientists specializing in leukodystrophies.

Presentations from the event can be viewed below:

Welcome & Introductions
Presenter: Ali Fatemi, MD, MBA

LBSL Natural History Study: An Update of 3 Years of Tracking Patient Changes Using Virtual Assessments
Presenter: Amena Smith Fine, MD, PhD 

Mitochondrial Cocktails: How to Access
Presenter: Hilary Vernon, MD, PhD

Patient Advocacy Updates
Presenter: Michael McGinn

Patient Advocacy Updates
Presenter: Melody Kisor

Physical Therapy and LBSL: Management and Treatment Strategies with Demo
Presenter: Jennifer Keller, MS, PT

Sick Days & Emergency Protocols: Helpful and Potentially Harmful
Presenter: Mark Korson, MD

Rehab Medicine and Tone Management  Transitions
Presenter: Nancy Yeh, MD

What are we trying to achieve with basic research?
Presenter: Ali Fatemi, MD, MBA

rRNA Synthetases - What Do They Do?
Presenter: Christopher Francklyn, PhD

Moser Center Lab Research Update: An Overview of Progress and Current Work
Presenter: Christina Nemeth Mertz, PhD and team

LBSL Research Around the Globe
Presenter: Jose Abdenur, MD

LBSL Research Around the Globe
Presenter: Enrico Bertini, MD

Improving Your Care and Quality of Life in LBSL
Presenter: Melanie Brown, MD

How to Prepare for an IEP Meeting
Presenter: Molly O'Brien

The Current Gene Therapy Landscape: Opportunities and Challenges in Advancing LBSL Gene Correction in Humans
Presenter: Florian Eichler, MD