Individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities have the ability, willingness and desire necessary to be an asset to any workplace. Join us as we work to make our community more diverse and inclusive.

About Us

Kennedy Krieger's Neurodiversity at Work program takes a multi-faceted approach to hiring and retaining individuals of all abilities as part of the workforce.

Our Programs

Kennedy Krieger Institute defines neurodiversity as a broad range of neurologic differences that endow an individual with unique skills, abilities and perspectives. Embracing and respecting such differences supports equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, at home and in the community.

Training & Education

Kennedy Krieger offers workforce training and development through customized, in-person Workforce Awareness and Inclusion training for Institute employees and local businesses. We provide support to each individual and business for successful, sustainable and integrated employment for all abilities.

News & Events

News and Events from Neurodiversity at Work at Kennedy Krieger.


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Neurodiversity in the Workplace Conference

Join the collaborative conference that brings together a community that is committed to improving employment outcomes for the neurodiverse workforce.

Join us October 27 – 29, 2024 for the Neurodiversity in the Workplace Conference.
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