Inclusive Hiring for Individuals with Neurodiverse Conditions

Our Commitment to Neurodiversity:

Kennedy Krieger is strongly committed to inclusion and embraces the unique abilities our employees bring to our organization. We believe that people with neurodivergent conditions are an important part of our workplace. Individuals with different abilities are supported, respected and valued. Each of us bears a responsibility to ensure an inclusive workplace where all are welcome and treated with dignity and respect. 

As part of the Neurodiversity at Work program at Kennedy Krieger Institute, the HR Pathways Hiring Program, led by the department of Human Resources, is a hiring and retention program that integrates people with all abilities into the workforce.  

HR Pathways HiringProgram:

This program’s hiring efforts provide greater accessibility, modified application, interview and screening to qualified candidates with neurodiverse conditions. These efforts are strengthened by strong community partnerships with agencies that provide vocational support to individuals with disabilities.

Workforce Training and Development:

Through the Neurodiversity at Work program, our Human Resources department can provide customized, in-person Workforce Awareness and Inclusion training, both for internal Kennedy Krieger employees and local community businesses.   

For more information on the HR Pathways Hiring Program and Kennedy Krieger Institute's Neurodiversity at Work program, including how to apply, please contact Tina Schmitt, Director of Talent Acquisition and Retention, at