Certified Child Life Specialists help patients reduce the fear and anxiety that can accompany hospitalization. They do this in many ways, including: providing education on medical procedures and conditions, helping patients to implement coping techniques during medical testing or procedures, offering emotional support, and creating opportunities for normal growth and development.

Services We Provide:

  • Preparation: preparing patients for nursing cares, medical procedures, tests, appointments and surgeries.
  • Procedural Support: providing support and implementing coping techniques with patients during medical encounters.
  • Diagnosis Education: helping patients understand their diagnosis and condition through developmentally appropriate educational interventions
  • Play 
    • Therapeutic Play: engaging patients in therapeutic activities and medical play (guided play experiences involving medical equipment focused around health care themes) to facilitate coping and adjustment to hospitalization
    • Developmental Play: providing play opportunities that promote optimal growth, development and recovery
    • Emotional Support: being a supportive presence for patients and families during the ups and downs of hospitalization.
    • Sibling Support: providing education and emotional support for siblings 

Careers in Child Life and Therapeutic Recreation

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