Resources and Support for Caregivers Needing Help with their Child Wearing a Mask for Infection Control

During the COVID-19 pandemic children over the age of 2 years are being asked to wear face masks to help prevent the spread of the virus to others ( ).

This can be a significant challenge for caregivers to obtain their child’s consistent cooperation with wearing a mask, particularly for those who are preschool age, have developmental challenges, and sensory difficulties.  The links below will guide you to some helpful resources for approaching this problem in a systematic way.  If after viewing these materials and following their recommendations to introduce your child to mask wearing, you are still having difficulty with your child tolerating a facemask, you may contact our Pediatric Psychology Program to schedule telehealth services to guide you in teaching your child or individual with developmental challenges to cooperate and cope with mask wearing.


Self-help Links from Autism Speaks


We Wear Masks
A simple Social Story to help children understand why we wear masks. It also provides language for providers, families, teachers and other caregivers. Submitted in response to Task Force User Call for Families.

Making Mask-Wearing Easier for Autistic Adults and Those With Sensory Needs
Clinical psychologist Dr. Rebecca Shaffer of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital reviews some easy steps to practice mask-wearing at home so that you can be successful wearing masks as communities re-open.

Caregiver Tips to Make Mask-Wearing Easier for People with Autism
Clinical Psychologist Dr. Rebecca Shaffer of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital walks through steps caregivers and parents can use to help their children and loved ones wear masks successfully as communities re-open.