We believe in our employees. Each individual brings their own uniqueness and talent to the table and makes our Kennedy Krieger School Programs the very special places where our students thrive.   We believe all employees should have equal rights and privileges and the ability to achieve their own personal and professional goals, while also helping our students achieve their goals.

Unionization at Kennedy Krieger risks separating employees and creating inequalities amongst employee groups. We believe in equity and togetherness. A union at Kennedy Krieger would unnecessarily fracture our teams and be detrimental to our shared core values, to our shared culture, and to the multidisciplinary team approach that serves our students and families so well.

While imperfect, we ARE a “pro- employee” organization and strongly believe that a union would not provide value as the exclusive representative of our talented, dedicated, independent employees who are fully capable of advocating for themselves.

Reach out. Talk with us! We want to work together.