A research recruitment registry has been created at Kennedy Krieger Institute which will allow members of the community the chance to join research at Kennedy Krieger Institute. This registry serves as a valuable tool for Kennedy Krieger Institute researchers so that they may continue their research to help children.

We are recruiting parents who would like to have their children (ages birth through 17 years old) participate in research at Kennedy Krieger Institute and wish to be contacted about research study opportunities. To join the registry, participants must not be a current or previous patient of Kennedy Krieger Institute. Previous Kennedy Krieger Institute research participants may be in the registry.

To join the research recruitment registry, participants must complete a brief online questionnaire. From there, Kennedy Krieger Institute researchers may contact you with information about future research studies for which you or your child are eligible based on the information given in the online questionnaire.

There are no direct medical benefits or significant risks to participating in this research recruitment registry, but the registry may give you the opportunity to join research that could improve your child’s well-being or help other children.

Please note that joining the research registry does not ensure your child's participation in research, nor does it enroll your child in any research studies.  Additionally, participation in this research registry will not affect any future care for your child at Kennedy Krieger Institute or Johns Hopkins.