Join WIN and be a catalyst for change, shaping a brighter future for the more than 27,000 patients and students, and their families, Kennedy Krieger Institute serves each year.

As a member of WIN, you’ll be part of a community of passionate, generous advocates dedicated to transforming lives. With WIN, you’ll have a platform for using your voice to speak up for those who need it most, raising awareness about Kennedy Krieger’s mission and resources.

With flexible engagement options, you decide how and when to contribute, making a meaningful impact aligned with your schedule. Embrace your inner philanthropist!

Join WIN and become part of something larger—a community that combines passion, generosity, and dedication to make a lasting difference.

Join WIN

Here’s what you can look forward to as an official member of this community of modern philanthropists:

  • Flexible, personalized engagement options: Decide when and how you’ll participate, tailoring your contributions to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.
  • Compassionate advocacy: Raise global awareness about the incredible work of Kennedy Krieger.
  • On-the-ground involvement: Immerse yourself in meaningful volunteering, exclusive tours, speaker series, special events and more.
  • An incredible platform: Leverage your unique resources to support WIN’s fundraising initiatives and propel the mission of Kennedy Krieger.
  • Camaraderie and networking: Connect with like-minded, passionate women dedicated to making a difference.
  • Regular updates: Stay informed about the impact you are making through your membership and involvement.