"To transform the lives of children, youth and adults with, and those at risk for, disorders of the developing nervous system, through innovative, equity-based and culturally relevant clinical care, research, education, community partnership, advocacy and training. Diversity, cultural and linguistic competency, and inclusion are foundational in services the Institute provides."


"We envision a world where Kennedy Krieger will continue to lead with intention, through innovation, to provide equitable, relevant and effective clinical care, research, educational interventions, training and advocacy services, in partnership with the community, to improve the lives of all individuals who have, or are at risk for, disorders of the nervous system."


"We recruit the most talented and compassionate clinicians, scientists and educators to provide the best care and family support. Our approach is person- and family-centered and interdisciplinary, to ensure that children with conditions affecting the nervous system have access to all the resources—treatments, education and community programs—they need to achieve ever better outcomes."

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