What is WIN?

The Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) is a strong group of women who use their collective voice to champion care for children, often with complex medical needs, who are patients and students at Kennedy Krieger. WIN is the only volunteer organization of its kind at the Institute and is dedicated to raising funds and awareness to support the mission of Kennedy Krieger.

Who can become a member?

WIN is comprised of women from all over the greater Baltimore region with various backgrounds, experiences, and age ranges. We always welcome new members and encourage existing members to invite their friends, family, and colleagues to join us as well. There’s a place for you in this special group!

What is the commitment?

Dues for the 2024 calendar year will be $125. This entire amount is tax-deductible and will be used to fund activities and services for the families we serve. You can also pay online at KennedyKreiger.org/WIN. You can commit as much time as your schedule will allow and we encourage you to take a tour of the Institute to fully understand what we do and who we serve!

How can I get involved?

Being a WIN member affords you the unique opportunity to interact with our patients and their families in a meaningful way. Your WIN membership could allow you to see the smiles on the children's faces when playing games with them in the Child Life center, witness a brief sigh of relief when parents can sit down and enjoy a meal served to them by WIN members, and experience the joy on a child’s face when they can go on an outing facilitated by the new lift van purchased through a WIN-sponsored fundraising. In addition to volunteering at the Institute, you can choose to attend an event, serve on an event committee, attend a research briefing, or become an advocate for the Institute by sharing what you have learned and making others aware of the amazing work that is happening at the Institute every day!

How does support the mission of Kennedy Krieger Institute?

WIN is a partner in funding and volunteer needs of the Institute. Since its inception, WIN has raised close to $3.6 million to advance the Institute’s mission. Through several fundraising events, many of them held annually, WIN has funded research projects, adaptive vehicles for transporting patients and students, important rehabilitation equipment, building renovations and more.  

WIN responds to the smaller needs of the Institute’s patients and families by creating welcome bags, serving meals and respite for inpatients and their families, and working as volunteers in the Institute’s Child Life Department. 

How can I learn more about WIN and Kennedy Krieger?