As a token of our appreciation to our referring professionals, we are pleased to provide you this exclusive offer to access up to six Festival of Trees tickets that will allow you to purchase tickets with a 25% discount

Planning Your Visit to Festival of Trees 2022

All ages must have a ticket (Ages 4 and under tickets are FREE, but please get your free ticket through this ticketing page).

Please arrive at your assigned entry time, or within the following 30 minutes. Once you have entered the Festival, you may stay as long as you would like to enjoy the fun!

Masking is strongly recommended and preferred*

*All staff, vendors and volunteers will be masked for the safety of our patients, students, their families and our guests. Because the staff and volunteers who work the event also work with critically ill patients every day, we ask that those who attend Festival of Trees please keep that in mind and consider our strong recommendation to mask while enjoying Festival of Trees.

We appreciate everyone’s effort to help children and adults with health conditions experience the magic of the holidays in as safe an environment as possible. We are taking extra efforts to create an environment that limits the chance of transmission of the virus that causes COVID-19.  We sincerely appreciate your help to keep our kids safe. Thank you!