The MRI Resource for Physiologic, Metabolic and Anatomic Biomarkers has four Technology Research and Development (TRD) projects, three on MR acquisition approaches (TRDs 1-3) and one bringing them together (TRD4) with advanced multi-scale data analysis methods that include machine learning.

TRD1: Quantitative Imaging of Physiological Markers
Lead Principal investigator: Hanzhang Lu, Professor of Radiology
Co-Investigators: Jim Pekar, Qin Qin, Jun Hua, Peiying Liu, Wenbo Li

TRD 2: Metabolic Markers
Lead Principal investigator: Richard Edden, Professor of Radiology
Co-investigators: Peter van Zijl, Peter Barker, Georg Oeltzschner, Jiadi Xu, Hye-Young Heo, Nirbhay Yadav.

TRD 3: MRI parameters reflecting tissue composition and microstructure
Lead Principal investigator: Peter van Zijl, Professor of Radiology
Co-investigators: Xu Li, Manisha Aggarwal, Hye-Young Heo, Jeremias Sulam, Susumu Mori
Consultant: Filip Szczepankiewicz (Lund University)

TRD 4: Platforms for multi-modal and multi-scale imaging data
Lead Principal investigator: Susumu Mori, Professor of Radiology; Co-Principal investigators: Brian Caffo, Professor of Biostatistics; Jeremias Sulam, Assistant professor of Biomedical Engineering
Co-investigators: Andreia Faria, Michael Miller, Tilak Ratnanather