Why support Kennedy Krieger?

When you give and volunteer, you help every child with special needs pursue all that is possible, here and around the world.

We are the world’s premier institution in pediatric developmental disabilities and disorders of the brain, spinal cord and nervous system. Your generosity supports enhanced treatments, prevention, education, community support and possible cures for a wide spectrum of disorders and injuries.

Together, with your support, every child can pursue all that’s possible.

Individual Giving

Individual Giving

Thanks to the generosity of compassionate people like you, Kennedy Krieger Institute is able to further the research, treatment, education and community programs that benefit thousands of children every year. There are plenty of ways to contribute as an individual giving partner.

In-Kind Giving

Did you know that you can help the awesome patients and students at Kennedy Krieger by purchasing items from our Amazon Wish Lists? Many of our programs have active Wish Lists and you can order the items they need to be sent directly to the Institute!

Tribute Giving

Expand the impact of someone who has touched your life by making a gift to Kennedy Krieger Institute in their honor. Your donation is a thoughtful way to celebrate a loved one, while also helping a child with developmental disabilities thrive.

Monthly Giving

Give the gift of hope every month. Contributing on a monthly basis is a hassle-free way to provide ongoing support to children with disorders of the brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system. Discover how you can become a Partner in Potential.

Planned Giving

Make a lasting, meaningful difference for generations to come. A legacy gift enables you to give a permanent voice to the causes that have been important in your life, including our mission, while potentially enhancing your and your family’s financial well-being through substantial tax and income benefits. Learn more about the benefits of giving wisely through a planned gift to the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Kennedy Krieger Society

Join forces with our loyal community of donors committed to transforming the lives of children with disorders of the brain, spinal cord and musculoskeletal system. There’s a place for you in the Kennedy Krieger Society—learn more about how you can join this group of dedicated changemakers today.

Vehicle Donation

If you have a no-longer-wanted vehicle, we can turn it into money that helps kids and a tax deduction that helps you. We’ll even pick it up for free, regardless of its condition! Learn how you can clear your driveway and create a tax-deductible gift today..



At Kennedy Krieger Institute, we understand that making an impact isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. That’s why we’re happy to offer a wide variety of opportunities—both inside and outside the Institute—to join our team and lend a helping hand to a child with a disability. Learn more about opportunities to get involved here.

Create Your Own Event

Talk about an event with heart and soul! Rallying your friends, family, co-workers and community together is a fun, memorable way to transform the life of a child with special needs. Plus, you can harness your creativity and passions to do whatever you want—We welcome any and all unique event ideas.

Women’s Initiative Network

Connect with change-making women like you who are making an impact. The Women’s Initiative Network is a volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness about Kennedy Krieger Institute’s mission and supporting the families of patients. Together, we can amplify our ability to effect meaningful change in the lives of children with neurological disorders.

Corporate Giving Opportunities

Corporate and Foundation

We offer a wide range of opportunities for corporations and foundations to support our mission, including corporate in-kind gifts, event sponsorships, matching gifts or research grants. Together, we’ll give children with special needs the best possible start in life, while also raising your company’s visibility with Kennedy Krieger Institute’s many stakeholders.

Event Sponsorship

Corporate and individual partners enable Kennedy Krieger to sustain and grow our patient care programs, our research initiatives and our educational opportunities for children and young adults. Sponsorship levels may include free tickets to share with your employees or customers, volunteer opportunities for your employees, opportunities for the display of signage at our events, brand recognition and more

Workplace Giving

Want to work together with your company to support children with special needs, while also gaining tax benefits? It’s as easy and convenient as donating to Kennedy Krieger through payroll deductions. Many employers will match your contributions, so the impact of your gift can go even further!

Matching Gifts

Many employers will match your contributions so that the impact of your gift can go even further, at zero additional cost to you. No matter what job field you’re in, you can be a hero to a child with disabilities by maximizing the impact of your donation.

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  • Helps 27,000+ patients each year
  • Trains 700+ healthcare experts yearly
  • Breaks barriers with 100s of medical discoveries since 1937
  • Funds groundbreaking research in 45 diverse brain, spinal cord and nervous system disorders
  • Supports 2,500 clinicians and staff dedicated to serving individuals and adults with special needs
  • Provides for 13 locations across Maryland
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