Attention Classroom Assistants:

Want to earn more money?


For a limited time only . . .

(beginning October 2 through December 24, 2022)

Each week that you have PERFECT* Attendance, you can earn an additional $3.00 per hour for each hour worked.

*PERFECT Attendance includes swiping in and out on time (using your badge and the Kronos time-clock) for each scheduled day in a work week. You can use pre-approved free days, bonus paid leave time, your floating holiday, and bereavement leave (with documentation) . . .  and still be eligible for the perfect attendance differential for that week.

If you miss a day of work (sick or unpaid leave time), or you’re late or need to leave early, then try again next week!  If earned, the differential applies to all hours worked during that work week.



Weekly pay for 40 hours at $15.50/hour:


Weekly perfect attendance differential at $3.00/hour:

up to $120

Total weekly pay, with differential:

up to $740


Earn the perfect attendance differential each week and earn up to an additional $240 per pay!


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I qualify for this differential?

    A Classroom Assistant (CA) qualifies by swiping in on time at a Kronos timeclock and swiping out at a Kronos timeclock at the end of the scheduled workday on every workday in work week.

  2. What if I swipe in late or swipe out early?

    CA does not qualify for the perfect attendance differential for a given week if they have a single instance of not swiping in or out, swiping in late, swiping out or leaving early, or using sick time or leave without pay during that work week.

  3. Does that mean I cannot earn the differential on other days that week?

    A CA qualifies for the differential on a week-by-week basis. If a CA does not meet the requirement for one week, they can become eligible to earn the perfect attendance differential the following week. Each week in the pay period is an opportunity to earn the differential.

  4. For how long will the perfect attendance differential be available?

    The perfect attendance differential will be available each week beginning the week of October 3 through the week of December 19 (the week ending December 24, 2022).

  5. What if I forget to swipe or lose my Kennedy ID?

    The Kronos timeclock must be used to record arrival and departure times.  Recording work hours through other forms of documentation (paper forms, e-mails, etc.) will not qualify a CA to earn the perfect attendance differential.

  6. What if our school opens late due to the weather or we close early?

    The entire Kronos system will be over-ridden adjusting all employees to on-time arrivals or early departures if the employee swipes in/out on time according to the adjusted start/stop time. CA’s can still qualify on these days, with the differential being added to each hour they worked during that day.

  7. What if I have jury duty or I have been called as a witness in a court case?

    A CA may still qualify for the perfect attendance differential for hours worked in a week even if they were required to serve on a jury or as a subpoenaed witness (other than a case in which they are the named plaintiff or defendant. To qualify, the employee must provide official documentation of jury duty or subpoena to their supervisor before the end of the pay period.

  8. Can I take any approved leave and still qualify?

    A CA may use certain types of pre-approved leave and still qualify for the differential applied to the hours they worked during the week.  Pre-approved leaves include Free Days, Bonus Paid Leave, Bereavement Leave (with official documentation), and a floating holiday.

  9. What if we have scheduled, paid holidays during a week?

    A CA may still qualify for the differential for the days worked when school was open. It does not apply to paid holiday leave, it applies only to days when the CA has been working in the school.

  10. Who should I ask if I have questions about my status?,

    A CA should contact their supervisor directly with questions. After, if they still have questions, they must email their time-keeper with a CC to their supervisors. The time-keeper and supervisor will respond in writing.

Download a copy of the FAQs HERE.