Acute Stroke Database: Annotated Clinical MRIs and Linked Metadata of Patients with Acute Stroke. This is a collection of 2,888 clinical MRIs of patients admitted at a National Stroke Center, over ten years, with clinical diagnosis of acute or early subacute stroke. The collection includes diverse MRI modalities and protocols, clinical metadata, and expert description. The infarct core was manually defined in the diffusion weighted images; the images are provided in native subject space and in standard space (MNI), in nifit format and BIDS organization. This resource provides high quality, large scale, human-supervised knowledge to feed artificial intelligence models and enable further development of tools to automate several tasks that currently rely on human labor, such as lesion segmentation, labeling, calculation of disease-relevant scores, and lesion-based studies relating function to frequency lesion maps.

Arterial Brain Atlas: Atlas of brain arterial territories based on lesion distributions in 1,298 acute stroke patients. The atlas covers supra- and infra-tentorial regions and contains hierarchical segmentation levels created by a fusion of vascular and classical anatomical criteria. This deformable 3D digital atlas can be readily used by the clinical and research communities, enabling automatic and highly reproducible exploration of large-scaled data.

Big GABA datasetThis repository contains a subset of a large-scale multi-vendor, multi-site collection of single-voxel MRS datasets that were acquired worldwide across 26 research sites on 3T MRI scanners from the three major vendors (GE, Philips, Siemens). Each site acquired up to 12 datasets.

Macromolecule and Metabolite MRS datasets across the lifespan: This repository contains a set of MRS PRESS data collected with and without inversion pulses (TR/TI 2000/600 ms) at the centrum semiovale (CSO) and posterior cingulate cortex (PCC) brain regions, voxel size of 30 × 26 × 26 mm3, for mobile macromolecule using a 3T Philips MR scanner. 102 datasets were acquired at different age evenly. Demographic information are available upon request.