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Dr. Jiadi Xu is a research scientist at Kennedy Krieger Institute, as well as Associate Professor of radiology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.


Education and Career

Dr. Xu received his doctoral (2006) degrees in chemical physics (Nuclear Magnetic Spectroscopy) at the University of Manitoba, Canada. After completing a post-doctoral fellowship in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Michigan, Dr. Xu became a faculty research associate and animal MRI facility manager in the F.M. Kirby Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute. In 2021, Dr. Xu a was promoted to Assosciate Professor in the Department of Radiology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Kennedy Krieger Institute.


Dr. Xu is a MR physicist who has been working in the NMR/MRI technical development. He has successfully designed and implemented new NMR/MRI pulse sequences for a variety of biological systems, ranging from small metabolites and membrane proteins to animal with human disease models. His current research focuses on the technical development and applications of chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) MRI for monitoring tissue metabolism and arterial spin labeling MRI techniques (ASL) for mapping vasculature. Once developed, these technologies are made available to others for applications such as ischemia, cancer and neurodegeneration.


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