Services Provided

The Administrative Core coordinates regular meetings of IDDRC faculty and staff, preparation of reports to funding organizations, evaluations of the quality of core services and the satisfaction of investigators receiving these services, and the review of all aspects of Center operation.

The Administrative Core coordinates Center activities with those of other complementary programs included within the broader Kennedy Krieger/Johns Hopkins community. Links to these programs are provided under the “Affiliated Programs” banner of the IDDRC’s home page. In addition, coordination is managed with complementary programs throughout the IDDRC national network. This includes the continuation and expansion of activities within the Mid-Atlantic Consortium (MAC), a partnership with sister centers at the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC, and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania.

Accessing Core Services

Principal investigators who wish to access core services should complete the Request for IDDRC Services form. Should the project indicate possibilities for interactions, a meeting will be arranged between the investigator and the core co-director with the most relevant interests and expertise. Other appropriate core faculty and staff will also attend this meeting to develop a work-plan that effectively meets the needs of the project under discussion, including any cost-sharing arrangements that will be necessary. Responsibility for implementing the work-plan will also be determined on these occasions, and activities will commence as soon as the project receives its final approval for accessing core supports.

Center Cohesiveness and Community Interaction

  • Newsletters:
    The Administrative Core plays an active role in disseminating information about Center activities through several newsletters. We circulate a newsletter for the Mid-Atlantic Consortium, Collaborations, for both a general and professional readership. The core also works with Kennedy Krieger’s marketing and public relations office to report highlights of activities in our Institute’s publications and in the broader media, oriented more toward a lay audience.
  • Meetings:
    The Center has been an active sponsor and participant of regular lectures, seminars, and symposia focused on developmental disorders, and these activities continue to be coordinated by the Administrative Core. This coordination includes arrangements for annual meetings of the Mid-Atlantic Consortium, rotating sites across the three participating Centers: Kennedy Krieger Institute and The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. In addition to these larger formal gatherings, the Administrative Core helps to organize smaller and less formal meetings to provide opportunities for Center faculty to discuss plans for new initiatives.