The mission of the IDDRC at Kennedy Krieger Institute and Johns Hopkins University is to expand research relevant to developmental disabilities with the aim of prevention, to the maximum extent possible, and treatment, when prevention is not possible.

Motion Analysis LabOur center is one of 14 sites nationally that are funded by Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institutes of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). The scope of the center includes both the primary conditions causing developmental disorders and their secondary impairments and health concerns. The IDDRC fosters communication and coordination, as well as growth, by attracting new scientists to research related to intellectual and other developmental disabilities.


Eligibility is open to any Kennedy Krieger Institute or Johns Hopkins University faculty member engaged in research of relevance to intellectual and developmental disabilities. To become an IDDRC supported investigator, interested faculty must have at least one funded project that is relevant to the disorders outlined in our mission statement. Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to access IDDRC resources through primary IDDRC investigators/mentors.

Benefits for IDDRC Supported Investigators

  • Access to IDDRC core services
  • Discounted fees for core services
  • Immediate and ongoing access to news, ideas, and research findings related to intellectual and developmental disabilities
  • Access to education, funding, and advancement opportunities
  • The ability to include a description of the resources, services, and expertise included in the IDDRC cores and available to your proposed project in grant applications
  • Ability to present research and findings through IDDRC-sponsored lectures, symposia, and seminars

Responsibilities of IDDRC Supported Investigators

  • Conduct research in accordance with IDDRC mission statement
  • Utilize proper IDDRC NIH acknowledgement (NIH P50 HD103538) for all publications and presentations benefitting from core services
  • Report progress regularly on research activities, grants, and publications relating to IDDRC-supported projects
  • Complete annual evaluation of IDDRC core services
  • Contribute to scientific dialogue through IDDRC lectures, symposia, communications, and seminars

To Apply for Services

To become a supported investigator of the IDDRC, simply complete a Services Request Form to request core support for a current or prospective research study. The information you provide will allow initial review of your request, so please provide a full abstract of your project, its relevance to intellectual and/or other developmental disabilities, and the type of support you hope to receive from the IDDRC. Your request will be reviewed and a member of the IDDRC leadership team will contact you by email to discuss your project.