Administrative Core

The Administrative Core provides overall management of the IDDRC, fostering cohesiveness and ensuring that the activities of the IDDRC, as a whole, continue to coalesce into an integrated program.

Clinical Translational Core

The overall objective of the Clinical Translational Core (CTC) is to provide IDDRC-supported investigators with access to a broad range of supports of critical importance for the effective and efficient conduct of translational research focused on developmental disorders.

Genomics Core

The Genomics Core supports research focused on the role genetic factors play in atypical physical, cognitive, and behavioral development.

Neuroimaging Core

The Neuroimaging Core provides assistance and guidance to investigators using various MRI paradigms in research studies relevant to developmental disorders.

Behavioral Phenotyping Core

The Behavior Phenotyping Core provides IDDRC investigators with access to facilities and expertise from three complementary disciplines at Kennedy Krieger Institute: Behavioral Psychology, Neuropsychology, and Motion Analysis.

Research Project

Sleep and Circadian Dsyfunction, Brain, and Neurobehavioral Development in Autism.