How can I request an appointment?

Request an Appointment for a New Patient Visit:

To start the appointment request process for a new patient, please call (443) 923-9400.

Our intake specialists will work with you to determine what treatment options are the best fit for your child. Expect your first call to take approximately 20-30 minutes.

As a parent, you are a vital member of your child’s care team. We believe you know your child best, so we depend on your information when choosing the services your child would most benefit from.

You may also request an appointment online by completing the one-page Make an Appointment form. Some clinics may have additional forms for you to complete prior to scheduling an appointment. These forms provide our clinicians with important information to help them prepare for your visit.

Unfortunately, we usually cannot make appointments with the clinics on the day of your call.  We collect and review clinical information prior to making the appointments to ensure your visit is scheduled with the most appropriate providers. Multiple calls and/or emails are typically required to complete the process.

Please note that some of our clinics have a waitlist. Should your child be recommended for a program or clinic with a waitlist, you will be provided with information about what to do while you’re waiting to schedule an appointment.

How can I speak with someone who speaks my language?

If you are traveling from out of the country, please call (888) 554-2080 to request an appointment. Our International Care Management Office is available to assist with interpreters, financial arrangements, accommodations and travel plans.

What services does the medical concierge team offer?

About Guest Relations

At Kennedy Krieger Institute, staff members are committed to making your stay as comfortable as possible and enhancing the patient and family experience. 

Representatives from Guest Relations are available to:

  • Assist patients and families by answering questions
  • Explain hospital policies and guidelines
  • Help resolve issues related to hospital services
  • Provide additional support during the hospital admission
  • Help families understand their rights and responsibilities and suggest appropriate staff members and departments to contact regarding concerns families may have
  • Assist with the resolution of concerns, complaints and grievances regarding the hospital, staff and services, by working as a liaison between healthcare providers and patient families

If you need assistance during your stay, a guest relations representative may be reached by emailing GuestRelations@KennedyKrieger.org or by calling 443-923-2640.

Before making an appointment does the doctor need to see my medical records?

To help prepare for your preliminary call, we recommend you have the following information available:

  • A brief overview of the issue or diagnosis you’re calling about
  • Medical records (or knowledge of where to obtain them)
  • A list of recent physicians or hospitals that have cared for your child
  • Insurance information (from both sides of the card)
  • Any relevant custody or guardianship information
  • Demographic information, including email addresses and cell phone numbers
  • Information about developmental milestones and current abilities

Help with Billing


Kennedy Krieger is contracted with many commercial insurance providers, and with Medicare and certain state Medicaid plans. . If your insurance provider does not contract with Kennedy Krieger for your insurance plan, please check with your provider anyway to determine any out-of-network benefits you may have. If your insurance provider does not contract with us for your insurance plan but does have an out-of-network benefit, you may still be able to obtain services at Kennedy Krieger. However, you might be required to pay upfront and submit our charges to your insurance provider for reimbursement. We encourage patient families to consult with their insurance providers to understand insurance coverage, covered services, in- and out-of-network benefits, and patient out-of-pocket amounts for co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. 

We ask you to provide your insurance information before receiving services at Kennedy Krieger Institute. If Kennedy Krieger has a contract with your insurance provider for your insurance plan, we will verify your benefits, obtain authorizations and inform you of services not covered by your plan. Remember that you will be responsible for any patient responsibility amounts, including co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance amounts. We may ask you to pay certain of these amounts at the time of service. 

An authorization for services from your insurance provider is not a guarantee of payment. We recommend that you contact your insurance provider before any visit to learn what services your insurance plan covers and what your patient responsibility might be. If your insurance provider does not have a contract with Kennedy Krieger for your insurance plan, we will provide you with an estimate of the cost of services that you will be required to pay at the time of service. 


If Kennedy Krieger is contracted with your insurance provider for your insurance plan, we will submit valid health insurance claims directly to your primary insurance provider and, if appropriate, to your secondary insurance provider. You will only be billed directly by us for any patient responsibility amounts. In some instances, we may notify you and ask that you contact your insurance provider on our behalf. 

We bill your insurance provider for hospital and physician services. The following types of bills might be submitted to your insurance provider by us: 

  1. Inpatient hospital bill: The inpatient hospital bill covers the per day charge for the period from the admission date through the discharge date. Long-term stays are typically billed periodically on a monthly basis. Kennedy Krieger Institute has a comprehensive daily rate that includes room and board, medical supplies and drugs, as well as most services provided by our interdisciplinary team. However, there could be a separate bill for certain laboratory and radiology tests or pharmacy items that are outside our normal inpatient protocols. 

  1. Outpatient hospital bill: The outpatient hospital bill covers the services of the hospital staff and use of the facility for tests, procedures, therapies and evaluations performed at the time of your visit. 

  1. Physician or professional bill: A physician or professional bill covers professional services rendered to both inpatients and outpatients by physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners. This bill is provided by Kennedy Krieger Associates, Inc. 

We provide a summary statement to you of all services billed and how your insurance provider processed those claims. Any balance due reflecting a patient responsibility is included on the statement and is expected to be paid.  


It is our policy to collect all payments not covered by insurance at the time of service. We accept the following forms of payment: 

  • Cash 

  • Personal checks 

  • Money orders 

  • Credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover) 

Mail payments to: 

Kennedy Krieger Institute 
PO Box 198728 
Atlanta, GA 30384-8728 

Online bill pay: 

We offer patients and their families the option to pay their bills through online transactions using our secure payment portal. Through the portal, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and electronic withdrawal from a checking or savings account. To learn more about this service, or to pay your bill(s) online, please visit our Online Bill Pay web page

Payment plans: 

We offer payment plans to assist you in managing your healthcare expenses outside those covered by your insurance. To set up a payment plan, please contact our patient accounting office at 443-923-1870, or call toll-free at 877-599-1597. 

Customer service: 

If you have any questions regarding charges, your bill or payments, please contact the patient accounting office by email at BillingInquiries@KennedyKrieger.org or by phone, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at 443-923-1870, or call toll-free at 877-599-1597. 

You may obtain information about, or apply for, Maryland Medical Assistance by visiting the Maryland Department of Human Resources online at dhr.state.md.us or by calling your local Department of Social Services at 800-332-6347. (TTY users, please call 800-925-4434.) 

Travel and Transport

Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)

The MTA offers several mass transit options around the region. The Metro subway stops on North Broadway, across the street from Kennedy Krieger’s Broadway campus. It also connects to Baltimore’s Light Rail system, which offers convenient destinations, including Penn Station and Oriole Park at Camden Yards. The city’s bus service operates more than 50 routes throughout the Baltimore area. The MARC commuter train offers stops around Maryland, Washington, D.C., and West Virginia.

For prices and schedules, visit mta.maryland.gov or call (410) 539-5000.

Charm City Circulator

The Charm City Circulator is a free shuttle service that offers several routes around Baltimore City. Visit CharmCityCirculator.com.

Taxi Services

  • Red Ball Cab: (410) 675-2220
  • Arrow Cab: (443) 575-4111
  • County Cab: (443) 575-4110
  • Yellow and Checker Cabs: (410) 685-1212
    (offers accessible van services)

Medical assistance transportation can be arranged in advance by calling the local health department. For information about public transportation for people with special needs, visit mdod.maryland.gov or call (410) 767-3660. For toll-free, TTY, and voice, call (800) 637-4113.


Free parking is offered for patients, families, and visitors at Kennedy Krieger’s Broadway and Greenspring locations. Patients, families, and visitors may also park for free in the Ashland Avenue parking garage, adjacent to the 801 N. Broadway Outpatient Center. Please have security validate your parking ticket.

Fairmount offers patients, families, and visitors a free parking garage accessible from Fayette Street. For directions, visit Locations.

Prepare for Hotel and Travel

Hotels and Accommodations:

The Institute’s Broadway and Fairmount campuses are located approximately 10 minutes from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, a major tourist area offering a variety of accommodations. The Center for Autism and Related Disorders is located about 15-20 minutes north. Some hotels offer preferred patient programs, which may include discounted and accessible rooms, transportation, and complimentary or discounted meals. For more information, read our Visitor Guide, or contact our Office of Patient & Community Engagement at (443) 923-2640.

Believe in Tomorrow Children’s House:

This facility is located about four blocks from the Institute’s Broadway and Fairmount campuses at 1915 McElderry St. Patients must be 17 years or younger to be eligible. Linens and a kitchen are provided. Call (410) 614-2560.

Ronald McDonald House:

Located about two miles away from the Broadway and Fairmount campuses at 1 Asquith Street, this housing facility serves pediatric patients and their families who live more than 50 miles away. The Ronald McDonald House provides a kitchen, linens, and transportation to and from Kennedy Krieger Institute. Call (410) 528-1010.

Please note: A referral from a social worker or nurse case manager is required to stay at both houses. Having a referral does not guarantee a reservation.

Other Accommodations:

For additional information about other area hotels and accommodations, including those that offer discount rates to Kennedy Krieger patients and families, please view or download our Hotels and Accommodations information sheet (PDF).

If your family will need long-term accommodations in the Baltimore area, please download our Long-Term Accommodations information sheet to help plan your visit.