Lakeya McGill, PhD

Lakeya McGill

Dr. Lakeya McGill is a licensed psychologist. Her research focuses on improving participation of underrepresented groups in neurorehabilitation and pain research, examining the impact of social determinants of health on outcomes in neurorehabilitation and pain populations, including adults with sickle cell disease (SCD), and developing and disseminating evidence-based, culturally appropriate and community-directed interventions.

She is currently working on several projects, including the Sequenced strategy for improving outcomes in people with Knee OsteoArthritis Pain (SKOAP) study and a pilot study to validate the MoCA for screening for mild cognitive impairment in adults with SCD. The T32 program provides her with training and mentorship to conduct rigorous research supporting her goal to apply for an NIH K23 grant or an equivalent career development mechanism.