Clinical Trials Unit at Kennedy Krieger Institute

Breaking New Ground in the Understanding and Treatment of Life-Altering Neurological Disorders

The Clinical Trials Unit  (CTU) of Kennedy Krieger Institute brings together patients, families, physicians, and private sponsors  in an effort to further our understanding of how currently available and newly developed interventions may improve the lives of individuals affected  by genetic, developmental, behavioral, and psychiatric conditions. Among these conditions, many have been previously classified as untreatable. The vision of the CTU is to use clinical trials to rigorously assess medications, devices, and interventions to determine their potential to prevent, treat and possibly even cure these conditions.

Every day, our clinical trials are attempting to answer tough questions:

  • Could a new treatment help improve socialization and language skills in children with autism?
  • Could a medication proven effective for seizures and brain tumors also have an effect on behavioral difficulties like self-injury and aggression?
  • Could a treatment commonly used to treat one disorder in adults safely and effectively treat a different disorder in children?

These may seem like far-fetched ideas today, but they represent the kind of imaginative thinking that will lead us to the answers, therapies, preventions, and cures of tomorrow. This is the thinking behind the Clinical Trials Unit at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

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