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  • Family Center Yoga-Based Psychotherapy Group Manual 

Family Center Yoga-Based Psychotherapy Group ManualThe Yoga-Based Psychotherapy Group (YBPG) protocol was developed by the Mind/Body Clinic at the Family Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute for children 8-12 years old who have been abused, neglected, exposed to violence or at-risk for experiencing trauma.

The YBPG Manual is intended for mental health and health care professionals, yoga teachers and teachers in academic settings. A literature review, the 14-week protocol for facilitating YBPG, weekly yoga practices for group participants and handouts are included in the 96-page manual.

The Family Center was a recipient of a SAMHSA Grant 2007-2012 which in part supported this project. The cost of the YBPG Manual is $39.95 and shipping. To order, complete and submit the below order form using the shipping cost sheet to fill in the shipping amount. 

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