Richard I. Kelley, M.D., Ph.D.

Richard Kelley
Richard Kelley
Director, Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21205
Phone: (443) 923-2783

Dr. Richard I. Kelley is the director of the Clinical Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at Kennedy Krieger Institute. He is also a professor of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University.

Biographical Sketch:

Dr. Kelley received his undergraduate education at the University of Pennsylvania, where he remained for completion of both his medical and doctorate degrees. At Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, he undertook training in general pediatrics followed by a fellowship in clinical genetics. He then joined the faculty of the Division of Metabolism at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in 1982 before moving to Kennedy Krieger Institute and the Department of Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins in 1987.

Research Summary:

Dr. Kelley's research has focused on the elucidation of the biochemical basis of genetic disorders. Through the application of various techniques of biochemical analysis but especially mass spectrometry, Dr. Kelley has discovered the biochemical cause, and thereby the genetic etiology, of more than a dozen different diseases. Following early work delineating the chromosomal defect in DiGeorge syndrome, new inborn errors of fatty acid oxidation, new peroxisomal diseases and the biochemical basis of various neuromuscular disorders, Dr. Kelley's studies have more recently turned to disorders of cholesterol biosynthesis. Dr. Kelley also serves as consulting geneticist to the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, PA, where his work has led to the identification of the biochemical basis of known and previously unknown genetic disorders common among the Amish and Mennonites of Lancaster County, PA.

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